Beirut Casino

Beirut casinoBeirut casino, hotels, attractions, and other entertainment. Beirut is a huge metropolis, the capital of the Republic of Lebanon. It is the economic, industrial, political, and cultural center of the country, has many historical and architectural attractions, a large number of modern shopping and entertainment complexes.



Casino in Lebanon

If you are looking for a casino in Lebanon, you will be pleasantly surprised – unlike most Arab countries, gambling in Lebanon is not completely banned.

Casino Lebanon – كازينو لبنان

The city’s restaurants serve famous Lebanese dishes, as well as the Mediterranean and European cuisine. Hotels in Lebanon are renowned for their luxury and high level of guest service. Casino Lebanon “Casino du Liban”  ( كازينو لبنان )  is one of the largest gambling centers in the Middle East.

Best casino Hotels in Lebanon

A hotel-casino is a place consisting directly of a casino and a hotel where customers are located.

All Beirut casino ‘s  have restaurants, bars, boutiques, spas, conference rooms, concert halls, and other facilities. VIP customers can enjoy many additional services for free.

Gambling in Lebanon

Modern hotels and casinos of the world resemble individual states, for example, the giant casino “Casino de Liban”, where luxury and comfort rule. Often, hotel rooms are much richer and more comfortably equipped than the homes of some guests.

Most hotels and casinos in Lebanon are initially built in a combined format. Sometimes gambling houses are opened at hotels that have already been operating for some time. Sometimes a casino is launched first, and later it is supplemented by a hotel. In these hotels you will find a wide range of gambling in Lebanon and great entertainment.

The list of  Beirut casinos in 2021:

– Rabiya Marine Hotel. This complex is home to one of the best casinos in the Middle East. The jewel of the Rabiya Marine complex is a chic light and music fountain, which is located right in front of the facade of the central building.

– Le Royal Hotel – Beirut. Among the hotel complexes with casinos in Lebanon, the modern hotel with casino Le Royal Hotel stands out, which is located on one of the central streets of the city.

Online casino Lebanon

– Regency Palace Hotel. Another pride of Lebanon is the Regency Palace Hotel and Casino. For connoisseurs of card games, there are numerous tables with all the necessary service systems. There are games of baccarat, black jack, various types of poker, whist, preference. Especially popular is the classic poker, which is reserved for specialized halls, including VIP-level halls. A large number of tables are devoted to the game of dice and varieties of roulette. There are also rooms for bookmakers that accept sports betting, as well as bets on horse and dog racing. You can find a similar offer at online casino Lebanon. Here you also get a high welcome bonus for your registration with which you can try out many casino games for free.

Beirut Casino

Festivals and festive events in Lebanon.

If spending time visiting Beirut Casino is not your choice, you definitely should not be upset. The Lebanese capital has many other attractions to offer.

Beirut hosts international festivals and sports competitions. Among the annual events, festivals stand out:

– Music (Beirut Music Festival);

– Chocolate (Salon du Chocolate);

– Local Cultural Festival;

– Cinema (International Film Fest.);

– Middle Eastern Cooking Fest.